Application Information

Amount of Available Benefits:  The following benefit amounts have been approved:


FY2021:   Up to $1,500 per enrolled adult in cash disaster relief assistance (to be used for costs due to the negative economic impacts of COVID not otherwise covered by other Program assistance).  Only paid if application is fully signed. Funds must be used for eligible ARPA purposes. Excess must be returned.     

                  Up to $1,500 per enrolled minor to be held and used upon application for qualifying COVID-related expenses through 12/31/24.  Funds not paid until separately applied for.  Restricted to eligible ARPA purposes only. 


FY2022:   Assistance approved for FY2022 includes Food Assistance Cards, up to $100 per enrolled adult per month for 12-months;    Utilities Assistance (upon application) up to $1,000 per enrolled adult for full year; Hay Assistance (upon application / need) until funds are exhausted (total annual budget, $75,000); and Wood/Propane Assistance (upon application / need) until funds are exhausted (total annual budget, $300,000).


The process for Tribal Members living off the reservation:

* Fill out the ENTIRE Application

* Must be noterized

* Send it back by ways of Fax, Email, or Mail it in (Infromation on application and this site)

Please we ask that you leave no blanks on the application.If you do not have an E-mail you may leave that line blank.


JPEG printable version has 2 pages




Printable version (PDF)


Fax:(970) 565-8309


Mail it in:


PO BOX 189

TOWAOC, CO 81334


Have any questions please feel free to contact:

Council Treasure: Alston Turtle - (970) 565-3751 ext. 604 or (970) 238-0006

Finance (970) 565-3751 ext.685