Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Complex established 1988
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N.A.C. Native American Church in Towaoc
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Sleeping Ute Mountain located in Towaoc, CO

Tribal Government

Towaoc, Colorado

In 1940 six years after the Indians Reorganization Act of 1934, the Weeminuche Band organized a tribal government, enacted a tribal constitution (Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, 1985) The Weeminuche Band adopted Ute Mountain Ute Tribe to became our name.

The tribe determines its own course of action in all matters of importance to development and progress. Subject to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, the Council has the right and powers to: (1) manage tribal real and personal property; (2) negotiate and perform contracts and agreements; (3) engage in business enterprise; (4) negotiate and assign tribal security for loans; and (5) enact and enforce ordinances to promote public peace, safety, and welfare.

In 1879 the western end of the reservation, retained as land in common for Ignacio and the Weeminuche Band, was made into the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation. The Ute Mountain Ute Tribe has lived on this reservation for nearly 100 years.

The various tribal departments are organized to support the tribe in the administration of tribal business and development of natural and human resources on the reservation. Many administrative positions are contractual with federal agencies including the department of Interior (Bureau of Indian Affairs- BIA), the department of Commerce (Economic Development Administration-EDA), the department of labor (Comprehensive Employment Training Act -ETA), the Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition to the organized departments, the Tribal Council has appointed several sub-committees to work directly on specific problems or issues.

Tribal Government Departments

Towaoc Administration

The Tribal Administration Department provides for the administrative support services for the executive branch of the Tribal Government.


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Gaming Commission

The Ute Mountain Ute Gaming Commission's primary mission is to regulatory oversight of public gaming on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation.


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Department of Justice

The Justice Department of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe will advise the Tribal Council on all legal issues affecting the Tribe, its resources, departments, employees, and members, ensure that the legal rights and responsibilities of the Tribe are appropriately addressed.

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White Mesa Adminstration

Our mission is to provide support to all White Mesa community members in areas of employment, education, and insure all basic services are available to all residents of our community. We will provide unbiased treatment and opportunities..

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Other Federal Governmental Services

In this section is information regarding other Federal Governmental services such as Bureau of Indian Affairs - Ute Mountain Agenancy, CFR Court Program,Bureau of Indian Affairs - Law Enforcement Services, Indian Health Services - Ute Mountain Health Clinic .

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About the Reservation

The Ute Mountain Ute Reservation is located in the Four Corners region of the United States. The majority of the reservation consist of lands about 553,008 acres in Montezuma and La Plata Counties, Colorado and San Juan County, New Mexico.

All of these lands are held in trust by the U.S. Government. The Ute Mountain Ute Reservation has substantial range, historical, and archaeological resources.

The Ute Mountain Ute Reservation is a Sovereign Nation.Currently the reservations has about 2,000+ residents.


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We elect to practice our Sovereign rights and use TRIBAL PREFERENCE – To Qualified Individual In Following PRIORITY FOR EMPLOYMENT:


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