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The White Mesa Administration mission is to provide support to all White Mesa community members in areas of employment, education, and insure all basic services are available to all residents of our community. We will provide unbiased treatment and opportunities.

Services: Tribal

Services: Non-tribal

Faxing- incoming/outgoing
WIA Applications
Tribal Job Applications
Work Orders
In/ Out bound calls for community members
H.E.A.T./ Weatherization Forms
CHIP Applications
Copying Services


Utility Assistance/ Family Plan
Per Capita
Housing Applications
WIA Applications
Tribal Job Application
Day Labor Program
Work Orders
Fax- incoming/outgoing
In/ Out bound calls for community members
Senior Assistance Programs
Emergency Assistance
H.E.A.T/ Weatherization  Forms
CHIP  Applications
Financial Services Applications
Copying Services




White Mesa Administration

P.O. Box 7096

19 South Willow St.

White Mesa, Utah 84511

Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Phone:  (435) 678-3397 or (435) 678-3685

Fax:  (435) 678-3735